My Take: Classic Air Beauty Stealth Train Case

My Take: Classic Air Beauty Stealth Train Case

A month ago, I was contemplating if its time for me to get a new makeup train case. Traveling does become quite annoying when I have to carry my makeup kit on the road then realized I’m ill-equipped for the task. So I need one that I can bring both on land and air when travelling.

I came across the studio of Mr Steven Doloso through my very good friend, Aiky. He told me there’s something he’d like to check in his store so I tag along. Unfortunately the studio was closed when we went there so we were not able to see anything that day. We then set an appointment so we can go back, By the time we can go back, Aiky’s sched was, as usual, swamped. Ending, I went alone. But its no disppointment, in fact, I was glad I’m the only one Mr Doloso, assisted (feels like one VIP) and this is what I saw…



Yes, no hesitations, I bought the Classic Air Beauty Stealth Train Case, and here’s my take on this product.


Its made of high-quality aluminum with a 4-wheel moving system. The easy-to-close latches to better safeguard my makeup is superb! It also has a reinforced steel corners for extra durability.






It has eight small padded bags for organizing my makeup. Bags are waterproof, shake proof, anti-wear and has spill-proof interiors. Very handy while travelling.






I must say that these little bags thought me how to bring only the essentials. I can’t put a lot of makeup inside the bag because once its packed and bulky, the is no way it will close up. That’s a challenge because as much as possible I want to bring with me EVERYTHING! Even the ones I don’t really use and need.

With these cases, I have to carefully think of products I always grab when working. Good thing, Im a huge fan of makeup palettes and this is how it looks like…




For me, the industrial aluminum feel makes this makeup case stands out as one of the most fashionable I’ve seen. The telescopic style handles is very easy to pull and even easier to store. But, despite its sleek design, its perhaps one of the sturdiest makeup cases out there.

I’ve been using the Classic Air Beauty Stealth Train Case for weeks now and so far, I am loving it! I’m happy with my purchase and I might come back to check some lighting equipments, tables and makeup.

Big thanks to Mr Steven Doloso!





  • Jella Gonzales

    I LOVE IT, Ms. Eva! <3

  • madam imelda r marcos

    naka bili na ako
    thanks to you my friend!

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