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How To: Eyebrow

I am sharing how I personally do my eyebrow. I don’t usually do this too long but for the sake of showing an in-depth step on how I fill my eyebrows, I intentionally do it a bit slower.

How To: Liquid Eyeliner

Only Pros can handle a liquid eyeliner. Uhm, NOT TRUE! I’ve been using liquid eyeliner since my college days. In fact, its the very first eyeliner that I used and still using now that I’m doing another person’s makeup. I love the bold effect that it gives in my eyes and the drama it creates.

How To: False Eyelashes

Yes, I understand, its hard to put these tiny little falsies in place. Sometimes it moves, it wiggles and worse, its gone without you noticing it. I’ve heard all these scenarios with friends who eventually gave up on putting false lashes. But, I still encourage them to don’t just give up like that! Sometimes, to


LookBook: Soft Neutral Makeup

I intend to suggest this makeup look to women who just want to enhance their facial features. To those who want to come up with a better version of themselves and those who simply want to have a natural look makeup. Notice how I define my eyes with a winged-eye liner? Its does not have


Makeup Tutorial: College Look, Barely There Makeup

Here is a VERY simple tutorial for college girls who wants to have that fresh look in school. Personally, this is my go-to look, one of my favorite because it does not require a lot of time and this is just perfect to any day time event as well. Let’s go start! After the facial

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