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My Take: Classic Air Beauty Stealth Train Case

A month ago, I was contemplating if its time for me to get a new makeup train case. Traveling does become quite annoying when I have to carry my makeup kit on the road then realized I’m ill-equipped for the task. So I need one that I can bring both on land and air when travelling.


Eva’s Take : MAC Penultimate Brow Marker

Not every skin can take a brow pencil or powder and I can’t tell my client that I am sorry for the uneven eyebrows because the products I currently have is not working on her skin. So, its a must for me to have a gel or a pen for the eyebrows. I’ve been wanting


Makeup Tools: Bohktoh Lashes

Most of the time, clients prefer false lashes for a more dramatic look, may it be wedding or just plain party or events. I’ve tried a lot of falsies but the one that I want to share right now is the Bohktoh lashes. This comes in 10-pairs per boxes with a crisscross type of lashes. I


Makeup Review: Red & Black Aqua Long Wear Gel Eyeliner

I am not the type who puts makeup on every time I go out. I’m impatient to stay in the mirror for 30mins just to put all those makeup to my face. A sunscreen, decent brows, an eyeliner, mascara and a lipstick (depending on my mood) were my staples when I really need to look

Inglot 5FS Brush

Tools: Inglot 5FS Brush

If there’s one thing I want to collect at Inglot store, its their makeup brushes! I usually buy it one at a time, every time I feel like rewarding myself, you know quality brushes are a bit pricey. This time, I will introduce you to one interesting brush I found at Inglot, the 5FS brush

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